5 Things the 2019 Arnold Classic Taught the Supplement Industry

  • 2003 to 2006 — I was a broke high school and college kid that was curious about getting stronger and this event was inspiration, a source of education, and a place where I can get months of supplement samples for $10 a day (price of entry back then)
  • 2007 to 2012 — I was still a broke college kid but I was also given an opportunity to work in the industry, so I became an ambitious supplement industry professional that wanted to know everything and everyone at these trade shows.
  • 2013 to present — I am a management strategy consultant that helps the entrepreneurs, brands, and industry with insights that helps them navigate the dynamically changing and fast growing CPG market
  1. Diversity in Attendees — not geographically like the Mr. Olympia (Columbus, OH is not a destination in winter), but because they have the massive “sports festival” attached, you get soccer moms, karate dads, runners, power lifters, etc. that roam the trade show floor. That might “frustrate some companies”, but to me, it helps you gain insights from the new “lifestyle” consumer categories that are now buying supplements
  2. Diversity in Exhibitors — similar to the above, because you have more diversity in attendees, you tend to have different exhibitors trying their luck to get some ROI from the Arnold Classic. For someone that works in several different CPG categories, this is great to see how these categories can do in a more “fitness-positioned” way
  3. More Energy — if you have been to the Mr. Olympia lately you know its just “blah” from energy. I think the Arnold Classic has created an environment that is exciting from the hallways to the trade show floor

Natural Products Expo West Matters Now

Convenience is the Arnold Classic Champion

Hardcore No More (well kinda…)

  • Still the majority of packaging is black-dominant and male-forward
  • Marketing Copy is still very aggressive
  • Products are still yelled about as the hardest, strongest, and craziest ever

Influencers Aren’t Going Away

Hats Off to Universal/Animal

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Joshua Schall, MBA

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